I'm a true mid-westerner, prone to fits of kindness and polite conversation.

I'm a bit of a lost soul, wrestling with existential questions and seeking understanding within the complexity of our modern world.

I lead things. Some times I start them, some times I make them better -- or more productive, or successful. This includes organizations, departments, projects...

I'm fascinated with cultures and establishing environments that promote innovation and personal empowerment. I believe doing this in our work lives is key to a healthier future for all of us - and the planet.

My background is in computer and web and AI, but also manufacturing and citizen engagement and hypnotherapy and global affairs. I have layers.

I have won gold medals at the national level in artistic roller skating figures and dance.

I am married to an amazing artist and lucky enough to have two remarkable children.

I grew up in rural Michigan and have lived in LA, NY, Santa Fe, DC, and currently Ann Arbor. I've traveled and worked on 5 continents and 40+ countries.

There's so much left to do!

Concepts and Musings

Monday, April 29th 2024

In the complexity, chaos, and beauty of the universe that surrounds us, it is possible to thrive.